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Better Me

BetterMe helps you achieve your personal wellness objectives by building and modifying your meal and workout plans. BetterMe lets you have the expertise of fitness and diet specialists in the palm of your hand without ever having to hit the gym.

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Cloud Based Digital Signage Solution 

Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional signage management, as our modern and user-friendly interface makes controlling anywhere from 1 to 1000 screens an intuitive and hassle-free experience.

Integrated Health Tracking with Smart Mirrors

We have integrated health tracking feature that goes beyond reflection, offering a comprehensive view of your wellness journey. With the optional body scale and skin analyzer integration, effortlessly monitor diverse metrics, from weight and BMI to skin health indicators.

Understand your body's changes, track progress, and make informed decisions towards a healthier lifestyle, all conveniently from a Smart mirror.

Sales Rep

The Voice-enabled Sales Rep application developed for BMW utilizing Google API and Dialogflow revolutionizes the customer experience by seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence into the car purchasing journey.

Through this application, customers can engage in a conversational experience to select a specific BMW model, explore various customization options, and easily schedule a test drive, all using voice commands.

Redefining Visitor Experience in the World's Largest Museum

In partnership with the world's largest museum in Egypt, we've introduced a groundbreaking 3D Way Finding Solution that transcends traditional navigation. Seamlessly integrated into the museum's architecture, this custom digital signage system provides visitors with an immersive and interactive exploration experience.

Through intuitive visual guidance and real-time orientation, guests can effortlessly discover and navigate the vast museum space, enhancing their journey through history and culture like never before.

Welcome to a new era of museum exploration, where technology merges with heritage to redefine how we engage with the past.

Vet Examining Dog

Using Technology for Comprehensive Pet Data

The Pet Scanner is an innovative device designed to read the unique code embedded in a pet's collar chip. This scanner seamlessly communicates with a dedicated mobile app, instantly retrieving comprehensive information about the pet.

Once scanned, the app fetches details such as the pet's name, owner contact information, medical history, vaccination records, dietary needs, and even behavioural traits.

This real-time data display ensures quick access to vital information, helping pet owners and caretakers provide optimal care and safety for their beloved pets.

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