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20 Proven Tips for Social Media Startegy

Today i will share a list of tips for effective Social Media strategy! 1. A strong relationship with our community

Sometimes companies are too concerned about their number of followers, likes and shares, that they forget the central point of social media, the concept of SOCIAL. The idea is to focus on the content of posts and how it will benefit his audience.

2. A careful reading

The type of writing and spelling greatly reflect the personality of the author of publications (in this case that of a company). A good proofreading and avoids repost for errors, and two pairs of eyes are never too many.

3. Set goals

Goals must be your priority to increase your fan base. The number of followers, the commitment of the hearing, and frequency of routes and stations can be modified to maximize the number of views. Also, have clear goals, such as reaching 1,000 followers after the first three months of launch, will help to achieve faster.

4) Establish a schedule

To clear and achievable goals, it is important to make a good use of time. Gather the content, decide the frequency of your posts and who will do it, and put that plan into action. Then create interaction and adjust your schedule according to your metrics.

5) Do not survendez your products

Doing push product or highlight your business will not help your business. Studies have also shown that overexposure of the same content causes unnecessary advertisements, which means that consumers neglect your posts if they see too often.

6) Remember to interact

Sometimes companies become so obsessed with their sales they forget to ask the opinion of consumers. While interacting with them is the first step towards loyalty against a brand.

7) Keep the Line

You may think that humor can be a good means of communication, but a post a little "borderline" can quickly tarnish your reputation and ruin your campaign. In addition, you will likely scare away potential clients or offend loyal.

8) Be relevant

Another step is that of relevance. If users feel that your content is meaningless or not homogenous, they can stop following you or ignore your future posts. Make sure the content is fresh, unique and meaningful.

9) Do not forget your community

Any brand or person should have a clear idea of ​​who his fans, where they come from, what they want ... Even though this varies from a social network to another. The posts should targeter these users directly to maximize exposure and strengthen commitment.

10) Do not fall into the trap of the virus at all costs

In the Internet age, the content is usually viral order. Unfortunately, using this kind of content to boost your own hearing can route you to a desperate or unimaginative business. Instead, create content that will go viral itself.

11) Do not spamez your followers

It is definitely not advisable to use viral content or posting anything that people might perceive as spam. Customers usually will block or erase such information and will lose trust in your brand. Post content relevant, credible and interesting to avoid alienating your fans.

12) Be realistic

When you set up goals and considering that you want to reach them via social media, be sure to consider the size of your business, the resources you have to stay in the green and you did not scatter.

13) Do not force the hand of your team

Even if it is true that the effort of your team greatly helps to blow your presence on social networks, we must under no circumstances force them to participate if they do not want. As you want your fans to have some interest in what you do, you hope also that your team members contribute voluntarily to the growth of the company on Social Media.

14) Do not be negative

No matter what you post, and the situation in which you are, the content must always be positive. Users of social networks want to be entertained and have a good time and seeing the negative contents could impair their vision of your positioning or even your brand.

15) Do not ignore consumers

If you post frequently and that your number of fans increases, consumers will follow the rising curve. If they leave complaints, be interested in their problems and find solutions. If they make you compliments, thank them for their loyalty. Make sure you pay close attention to remarks and engage the conversation, they will be more inclined to interact with you in the future.

16) Do not quémandez with your fans

While you aspire to use Social Media as a means to increase sales, do not seem desperate. Incessant and annoying posts will drive people away and may also include the completely opposite effect than the base.

17) Use the tools and trends intelligently Each year, a social network seems to emerge from nowhere. Keep an eye on the latest trends can be difficult, especially if you are not expert. Be considerate and patient, learn to use the tools and sites before starting your own business. Misuse of tags, hashtags and other features could distract you from your goal.

18) Add value to your content

While most social networks are free, advertising through them can be costly. The pricing and options vary depending on each platform, but prefer a good budgeting for overexposure of your content. What makes your specificity must be monetized and Internet is full of tools to help you maximize the quality content.

19) Remember to measure your metrics

Now that your objectives are clear and defined, you will need a course of action to observe the progress day by day. Most social networking platforms include these features, but you will also find additional resources that will help you illustrate your long term growth. Use these metrics to handle your Internet activity and to peak!

20) Do not underestimate the time spent on these networks

Like most things, your Social Media strategy requires time and attention to be effective, especially in the beginning to take off! See what time spent as an investment for the future, and your potential sales.

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