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Leopard of Binsar

I just thought to share this exciting moment when i was driving through the forests of Binsar with my friends and family. Dhaulchina is surrounded by hills and lush green forests and one can enjoy wild life while driving through that area. It was approx. 7 pm in the evening when we were driving through the dense hilly area of Binsar and it was quite dark. We all had been keeping a close watch outside in expectation to see some wild life and this is when we couldn't believe when we spotted a leopard hiding behind a tree at a distance of 10 meters from us. We took out our cameras and had some great shots. I am sharing some of the photos that we took on the spot.

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I am an Online Business & Web Consultant. I love to share my experiences and information on technology, travel, food and wild life. Please feel free to contact me in case of any questions or suggestions.

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